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September 24th, 2020
…somewhere West of Walla Walla

“Life, Love, Fatherhood… and Internet Marketing.”

Clark here.  I’m a husband, dad, and internet marketer.  But mostly I’m a change agent for other dads and family guys who are as freaked out as I used to be about making money and providing for my family.  I use the internet to leverage my time and effort so I can make my income in two hours a day or less.  If you want to do that too, we can talk later.

If you know me in real life (and I know you), hit me up on Facebook:

If you don’t know me but you are interested in internet marketing:
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You can find some of my kick-ass adventures in marketing here:

Doodle Kisses,  [Coming Soon...]  Money Making Dad

Talk soon,

1644 Plaza Way, #210
Walla Walla WA 99362